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Tennis Elbow Support


-Creates targeted pressure -Breathable -Soft and comfortable -4 sizes available

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Save your forearm and elbow from pain and tenderness with the help of this elbow support. It is designed to give you relief from pain, tiredness and muscle pull that may be caused by repetitive strain injury as a result of strong grip or active finger movement. This is a tennis elbow support and is usually worn by tennis player, but it is also ideal for golfers, racket players as well as industrial workers.

The Smart Tennis Elbow Support is ideal for supporting the elbow and lower arm in case of painful conditions or exercise. It can be used during strenuous exercises and sports to offer support and protection to the arm and elbow. It can be worn under clothes comfortably for a smart look.

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Safety Information/Precautions

Please ensure you get the right size.
 This product does not treat painful conditions of the elbow; it helps reduce the severity.
 Ensure that the support fits you correctly.
 In case of a fracture of the arm or elbow, see your doctor immediately.

When not to use

This product is not recommended for patients with the following:
 Infections of the skin over the elbow or arm (untreated)
Please consult your doctor before using this product if you suffer from any painful arm conditions or
have had an upper limb surgery.

Side Effects

This product may cause the following:

 Warmth of the covered area
 Mild discomfort over the covered area


Pregnant females must consult their doctor before use.


Mostly safe to use in nursing females.


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