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Silicone Gel Insoles-Medical Arch Foot Support


Silicone Gel Insoles-Medical Arch supports and maintains the arch of the foot. A natural and even distribution of pressure is achieved on the foot with this shoe. Designed to be placed inside the shoe for maximum effectiveness.

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  • Ease pain from Plantar Fascistic and walk normally with pedagogues Orthodontic Insoles! These semi-rigid full length inserts provide superior support to the arches of your feet and provide relief from Plantar Fasciitis. The hollow space helps the heel bone to nest, reducing heel spur discomfort. Morton’s Neuroma, metatarsal and other conditions also can benefit from the shift in pressure from heels and balls of feet.
  • These revolutionary heat mold able polypropylene foot bed insoles can be adjusted to your unique foot shape. Heat the back with a hair dryer, then mold it to fit your foot. This means it can work for any kind of arch: flat, medium, and high, and really target plantar fascistic as it manifests for you. Insoles run a bit small, so for the best fit, choose the size that corresponds closest to your own shoe, and order one size up. For half sizes, order the next whole size.
  • These insoles are designed to provide non-bulky support, so are perfect for low profile tight shoes. This way you can continue to provide full foot all day support to your plantar fascistic, no matter what your shoe choice. A great choice for both high and low impact sports, particularly walking, running and hiking. Also helpful for wearers who have to stand for hours at a time, such as waitresses, nurses, warehouse workers, and more!
  • With all day, everyday wear, insoles last an average six months. With less frequent wear, they can help ease pain from plantar fascistic for years before needing to be replaced. High quality German-made should produce continuous support from the naturally derived latex. Activated charcoal helps to fight foot odor by absorbing sweat and fighting bad smells at the source.
  • The pedal plantar fascistic arch support inserts are designed to fit all shoe types, even tight low profile shoes. Great for running and walking shoes, men’s dress shoes, kitchen clogs, and even construction boots. Any occasion where you need extra support.


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